by Kathy

I had a hip replacement 6 months ago and got bursitis in my hip and it won't go away.

I have had one cortisone injection and 10 pt treatments. The doctor said that the surgery caused the bursitis. We are not sure what to do. Do you have any suggestions?

I am 55 years old and was active and now I feel sad that I can't do much.



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Bursitis and hip replacements
by: Anonymous

I too had a hip replacement, Biomet. Found data from the FDA as of 01/17/13 who are asking metal implant makers to give consumers more information. Really.. That doesn't help my bursitis which I believe is directly related to my hip replacement surgery. I'm in constant pain and/or soreness. I've contacted legal advice. It's been two years since the surgery and I'm well known at my othropedic surgeons office. Now it's causing knee pain. Same side, left hip, left knee. I'm only 55 and can't see living out my years with this constant pain.

by: Zoe

I was treated for bursitis in my hip several times before arthritis was diagnosed - I did have bursitis, but it was the precursor to the arthritis not an effect of the operation. I had ultrasound treatment - it was brilliant and really helped. I also had massage, which was good, but not as immediately effective.

I had one too!
by: Pamela

Hi Kathy and Lorraine

After my hip surgery I started to get pain in my operated hip. The SpR thought it might be a trochanteric bursitis and sent me for physio.

The physio said my ITB (iliotibial band) was shortened and needed to be streached. He was very good and I only needed three sessions with him. Once the ITB streached the pressure came off the bursa and it was all pain free.

I'm not sure if you've found the page about
Trochanteric Bursitis on my site - I appreciate it's not always easy to find where I've stored things!

Apart from physiotherapy and cortisone injections the page gives some other options. I did try the suggestion about walking with feet pointing a bit outwards and it did help a bit. I suppose the last resort would be a bursectomy (removal of the bursa) but I'm pretty sure I'd want to try everything else before even considering that.

If you understand some of the physiology of the condition you will be able to work out ways to take the pressure off the bursa. There's a good picture on the bursitis page.

If either of you finds something works well please do share it with the rest of us. As you know a bursitis can be painful and very limiting.

Best wishes
Hip Replacement and Recovery

Trochanteric Bursitis
by: Lorannie

My left greater trochanteric bursa (hip) is bothering me with pain. Can I have treatment without having a cortisone shot as I'm allergic to freezing?


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