How well did you sleep after your hip replacement?

This week the hip replacement news has been totally dominated by the DePuy's recall/s. DePuy's is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson which has had all sorts of problems recently. I'm going to be writing more on that later today in the news section.

But before I settle down to unravelling that story let me tell you about something that's got me really excited - Slumber Support.

One of the most difficult things I experienced following surgery was not being able to sleep. I can put up with a lot without complaining but sleepless nights are not included.

What are the options for a hip replacement patient?

Not many people naturally sleep on their back. Anyone who's had a lateral incision isn't going to want to sleep on their operated side and if I slept on my non-operated side I invariably woke up having broken one of the cardinal rules of post-op care.

Don't let your operated leg cross the mid-line of your body.

The suggestion to use pillows to prop up my leg and hold it in place just didn't work for me. The pillows seemed to take on a life of their own and kept falling out of position or, if I was really unlucky, out of bed.

Getting up in the middle of the night hunting for my pillows and not being able to bend down to pick them up was something I just didn't want to deal with.

Enough whinging --- you get the picture ---- I didn't sleep well.

So I am so excited to read about Slumber Support. It's a cushion designed specifically for people who've had a hip replacement by someone who's had the op himself. It allows you to sleep on your non-operated side without any danger of your leg crossing the mid-line.

The designer (Mark) really does know all about the problems we face and he's added in things like a handle to allow you to move the cushion around with reasonable ease. There's also a belt that keeps it from straying during the night.

Mark is sending me one this week to test and I'll be giving it a write up once I've road tested it.

On another note my joints seem to have settled down and as long as I'm being pretty slothful they cause me no pain. Carrying anything or walking more than about half a mile and my knee balloons out. The physio exercises are helping but I need to get down to some swimming again as the weight is starting to creep up.

The bad news for me this week is that I've been told my post is to be deleted. I work for the NHS and they are slashing jobs big time. Hopefully they'll be able to find something else for me to do but I'm checking out other opportunities as well.

That's all for this week.
Stay strong and keep in touch.
Best wishes

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Sep 03, 2010
by: Zoe

Lots of pillows worked for me. I think I used 6, built up in a sloping triangle so that I was fully supported but slept half-sitting. It was fine while I slept in the spare room, but when I moved back in with my husband, it all took too much room so I removed a couple of pillows, and didn't sleep so well for a bit.

Once I was able to lie on my side, I slept better than I had for years. Hours of blissful sleep. It made me realise how long I'd had my nights disturbed by my painful hip.

A friend of mine just couldn't get used to sleeping on his back - this new support would have been ideal for him.

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