leg edema follwing surgery

by talbot nicholas
(palm beach shores, fl.,usa)

Is it normal for the leg to be swollen (by edema) after a hip replacement surgery. What causes this? thank you

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Don't lie down too much though!
by: Emma

It's about finding a happy medium. Too much inactivity and you're at the risk of a DVT and slower recovery.

I think the best solution is to change - a little activity followed by a rest - rinse and repeat :)

RE: swelling
by: Anonymous

However, You cannot be sitting and elevate your leg above 90 degrees for the term of your natural life, some doctors say above 80 degrees in first six weeks. During the first 6 weeks, you need to be lying down with the end of the bed elevated to facilitate this venous return and therefore the swelling. I found mine came and went over the 6 weeks but now I'm up to 8 1/2 weeks, only my ankles swell a bit at the end of the day sometimes. Anti embolism stockings are supposed to help as are doing leg pumps and other approved exercises.

Yes its normal but...
by: Pamela

Yes its quite common for the leg to be swollen after a hip replacement but Please read all this answer!

"Normal" swelling will follow a pattern. It will be reduced in the morning and increase steadily throughout the day the more you are on your feet or with your feet down. The best thing to do is elevate your leg for about 45 minutes two or three times a day.

If the swelling is severe in the morning that you must contact your doctor

Also you must be familiar with DVT symptoms and if you have ANY doubt at all that you may have a DVT then call your doctor or go to emergency room. DVTs can and do kill.

Best wishes

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