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Have you heard of Slumber Support?

If not you're in for a real treat. This is one great product that will help you sleep safely and soundly all night.

If you already know all about this amazing cushion and just want to buy one here's the order form. If not - then read on.

Most of us who have been through a hip replacement or who suffer from knee or back pain find it hard to sleep.

slumber support

Like most of you, I was instructed to either sleep on my back or to lie on my non-operated side with sufficient pillows supporting my operated leg to stop it crossing the mid-line of my body. If my leg did move then there was a significant chance that my hip would dislocate. Ouch!

The challenges for me were getting sufficient pillows settled into the right position and at the right height and then ensuring that they all stayed in place throughout the night as I stretch and moved. Impossible!

So I was left with the option of either sleeping on my back (very uncomfortable and totally unnatural for me) or risking a hip dislocation.

And then someone tipped me off to Slumber Support.

With one simple design all these problems were solved. This sleeping aid is a firm cushion shaped to fit around the body and support the entire length of the leg.

At the top end there is a handle that allows the cushion to be repositioned and a loose belt, which fits around the waist, holding the cushion in place.

Only someone who had been through a hip replacement could come up with such a brilliant design.

Personal Review

First off I have to say I'm 9 months post-op so I'm not coming from quite the same perspective as a person who had surgery a week ago but I reckon I can give it a fair assessment.

Turning off the light I slipped under my duvet and hoiked my leg up onto the cushion. It felt good. My leg was totally supported but I could still move it about both across the cushion and along its length. Heaven! The cushion is surprisingly comfortable for something that offers so much support.

As for the belt - well I didn't even notice I was wearing it and although I wonder if it is really 100% necessary I guess it gives you a secure feeling knowing that you just can't lose the cushion during the night.

The handle was excellent. During my time dealing with conventional pillows in the first few weeks post-op I had been amazed at their ability to travel to the bottom of the bed - or worse still over the edge onto the floor. Retrieving them and putting them back was both tiresome and tiring. (Especially if I had to get out of bed, onto crutches, walk around the bed and then try to work out how to pick them up without bending my hip more that I was allowed). With Slumber Support the belt stops the cushion from moving and the handle allows it to be adjusted with awesome ease.

The first night I used the cushion I found it a bit too high but I talked to Mark Dowen, the designer, and he explained how to remove one of the internal layers. However he did warn that the danger of adduction increased the lower the height of the cushion and very much cautions against doing this.

My only suggestion for improvement would be to offer a larger size belt. This would be extremely easy to do as it would only mean packing an additional length of tape with Velcro on each end, which could be added in if needed.

Back and knee problems

Slumber Support isn't just for hip patients it can also help people with back problems by keeping the lumber spine in a neutral position and preventing the supported leg rolling forward and putting torsion on the lower spine.

People with knee problems may also benefit from using this support cushion as it prevents any medial movement in the joint.

A few details

The basic cushion is made of special dense vertical weave polyester filling, is light weight and the cream cover, can be removed for washing.

The deluxe version, has a thick layer of memory foam. The difference between the two in terms of comfort is that your leg sits on top of the basic model but with the deluxe model it can shape to your leg and allow it to sink in.

How to order

You can order a cushion directly from Hip Replacement and Recovery. The standard cushion is priced at £46 which is astonishingly good value for the amount of comfort it will provide.

The deluxe version is £63 - - a bit more expensive but with the added comfort of memory foam.

Fill in the form to order a cushion or find out more about this brilliant sleeping aid.

Sorry but Slumber Support is only available to UK customers.

Slumber Support

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Please be aware that: -

Slumber Support is a LARGE cushion which is designed to keep the patient stable on their side whilst keeping the operated leg parallel to the bed and fully support (see picture).


For hygiene reasons the Slumber Support cannot be returned once used unless there is a manufacturing fault.

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