Stem Cell

by Allan

Could you provide me with names and locations of Dr. that
are considered to be the most advanced in the use of stem cells on hips with osteoarthritis?
Thank you

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Interesting Article
by: Pamela

I asked my Surgeon about stem cell treatment for me but it was not possible as I'd already lost too much cartilage. Hope you get a chance at it.

In UK it's only at the trial stage. Have a look at this article and if you're interested I'd suggest either contacting the hospital directly or the Arthritis Society.

We'd all appreciate hearing how you get on so do keep in touch.

In the meantime if anyone knows more please share :)

Stem cell treatment
by: Anonymous

I live in Canada but don't care in which country the facility is in. I would like to know if anyone knows which Dr. is considered to be on the cutting edge of stem cell treatment for oa of the hip.

Hip Replacement and Recovery
by: Pamela

Hi Allan
Sorry I can't help you with that one. Partly because I don't know what country you are in and I'm assuming you want someone local!

I would suggest that you contact the main orthopedic society for your country as they may be able to help you directly or at least tell you how you can find out if they don't know.

Failing that you would need to get access to an academic library and do a search for journal articles on the subject.

Last suggestion is to write to one of the leading orthopedic departments in your country and ask them if they can steer you in the right direction.

Hope that is of some help. I've posted your question here as other people might be able to offer actual names.

Best wishes

ps there is some useful information on stem cell treatment here

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