Walking After a Hip Replacement

My hip replacement gets painful when I walk for to long. As hill walking is my hobby what can I do to help get fitter.

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Walking and sleeping
by: Anonymous

It'll take time for walking to get back to normal and depends on the type of implant you have had - in particular whether it was cemented or not. With a non-cemented one you need to allow time for the bone to grow into the prosthesis.
As for sleeping on the opearted side - mine got easier with time but when I sleep on that side even now I tend to turn more onto my front to take the weight of the joint. I'm almost 3 years post-op
Hope that helps

Walking after hip surgery
by: Anonymous

I am 65 years old and I had my hip replaced four months ago and still experience difficulty walking causing me to still rely on a cane--I am hoping this will improve in the near term.

I also have experienced pain while trying to sleep on the implant causing me to not lie on that side at all.

Any Progress?
by: Pamela

I was wondering how you were getting on. Did you go to see a physio? They do work wonders. I've just started a course of pilates and find that very helpful.
Best wishes
Hip Replacement and Recovery

Hill Walking
by: Diane

A good physiotherapist will be able to help you with the exercises you need to strengthen certain muscles.

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