Hip Replacement 
What you need to know!

doctor examining x-ray

Are you really ready for your hip replacement?

I wasn't.

And I'm guessing you're not either.

There are just so many things to think about and so many decisions to make.

And it's all too easy to feel you've been left, all on your own, to make choices you really don't understand.

That's where we step in.

Hip Replacement and Recovery is dedicated to helping you understand your options and to feel confident and knowledgeable enough to: -

  • Have an educated discussion with your surgeon.
  • Make your own choices about the type of surgery and anesthesia
  • Be aware of possible complications
  • Be able to prepare both for the surgery and for the recovery period
  • Understand about pain relief and your options
  • Know what equipment will help you stay safe and make life easier and more comfortable
  • And so much more

Most of us aren't even aware of the issues that are essential to our recovery and so we aren't in a position to deal with the problems that invariably crop up. We'll help you plan your entire journey - from the moment you're told that you're a candidate for a hip replacement till the day you throw away your walking cane. We'll help you gain control over the whole process.

Hip Replacement and Recovery - Who We Are

Everyone involved in writing for the site is either a hip replacement patient or works professionally with patients. Myself? I'm a patient. I had my right hip done in 2009 and my left in 2017 and I will be having a knee and possibly a shoulder replaced in the not too distant future.

Between the contributors we have a great deal of knowledge from the high brow stuff like deciding on the best type of anaesthesia to the practicalities of ch0osing a commode.

Yes, we've been there, and we've done that!

Most Asked Questions

So what sort of information do your fellow hip patients ask for?

Here's a selection: -

painful hip

And so many more.

We'll not only answer all of them but a good few more, some that you wouldn't even think to ask.