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My Hip History


In December 2008 the intermittent pains in my right hip become a permanent feature. I put them down to the bad posture I'd developed following a climbing accident in which I'd seriously damaged by left leg. My poor right leg had to do a lot of weight bearing during the recovery phase and I definitely started to sit and walk crookedly.

My GP on the other hand was determined I'd had a more recent fall and forgotten about it (did he suspect dementia as well?) and no amount of protest from me would persuade him otherwise so it was off to hospital for an X-ray. No break.

I was then sent to see a triage physiotherapist who informed me that I probably had a labral tear and a trochanteric bursitis. Next call was the surgeon. He took one look at the X-rays and said "forget about that what about the severe osteoarthritis you have in both hips - you're going to need replacements".

Well that was quite a shock as I'd never even considered arthritis let alone a hip replacement - let alone two hip replacements!

Three months later I'd had the first op done and it made the most amazing difference to my life.  I could walk again and my right side was pain free.

My left hip managed to hang on till 2017 and although the surgery went smoothly the side effect has been an ongoing trochanteric bursitis for which I have an occasional steroid injection.

At the time of writing (2021) both my hips are working fine but my surgeon has added my left knee and left shoulder to his list of joints to replace when I'm ready.


Before my surgery I started to do some research into the choice open to hip patients and steadily became more and more fascinated by the whole process hip surgery and the conditions that give rise to it.

From talking to other hip patients I came to understand that most people at the recieving end of a hip replacment know very little about the process and even less about their choices. I found myself answering the same question again and again.

So I decided to put it all on a website.

The site is for everyone involved in hip replacement surgery including surgeons, patients, OTs, phsios, and nurses - I'd like to think it was something that we could all build together.

Feedback Please

I do appreciate feedback - positive or negative. I want to be sure I'm supplying the sort of information that is useful to you and that I am writing clearly. If there is anything you think is missing from the site do let me know.

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