What Is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a form of treatment that concentrates on disorders of the musculo-skeletal system - with a strong emphasis on the functioning of the spine.

Treatment by a chiropractor involves manipulation of the spine, joints and associated soft tissues. Exercises will probably be prescribed to consolidate the treatment between sessions and advice on diet may also be given.

It is considered a safe form of treatment when carried out by a skilled practitioner.

Early Days

Chiropractic started out as a form of alternative medicine. Some of the beliefs that underpinned the practice in the early days were heavily criticised by the medical profession as pseudo-scientific, these include "subluxtion" and "innate intelligence".

Modern Chiropractic

Over the last decade there has been substantial change within the profession.

  • There is now a body of research that demonstrates the efficacy of the treatment for various conditions.
  • Chiropractic has now been endorsed by some main stream practitioners and by bodies such as NICE (The National Institute for Clinical Excellence and Health in the UK) for the treatment of some conditions and by health insurers in the USA.

However there is still room for further progress. Members of the profession are still not able to present a unified definition of their approach with some sticking to its traditional roots and others moving towards a more objective approach. It is likely that the profession will continue to mature

Is Chiropractic Unique?

Part of the problem for chiropractors is that concepts such as "innate intelligence" and "subluxtion" are not readily observable or measurable and therefore are not available for scientific verification. However removing these concepts means there is very little to differentiate chiropractic from other forms of manipulative therapy and the question then becomes is chiropractic simply osteopathy or physical therapy by another name?


Chiropractic is here to stay. Unlike other forms of treatment that became hugely popular for a short while before fading away, chiropractic is regarded as a useful form of treatment by thousands of patients world wide.

Benefit for Hip Patients

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More information on this treatment can be found at the British Chiropractic Association

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