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There are a variety of dressing aids available to help hip replacement get dressed. None of them are particularly expensive which is fortunate as, with the exception of the sock aid, very few NHS Trusts supply them to hip replacement patients.

There is a separate page for Sock aids and shoe horns

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  • Dressing Sticks
  • Elastic Shoelaces
  • Trouser Clips

There is a separate page for Sock aids and shoe horns

Dressing Sticks

As their name suggests dressing sticks are designed to help you get your clothes on and off.


For hip patients these are particularly useful to help you dress the lower half of your body, which would normally involve bending down and breaking the rule of 90.As you will read elsewhere I recommend wearing lose fitting clothes such as joggers during the first few weeks of recovery.Dressing sticks are made to a pretty simple and standard design and consist of a combined hook and pusher.

As well as helping you dress they can be useful for removing socks. (Use the sock aid to get them on!)

Elastic Shoelaces


If you wear lace ups then elastic shoelaces are an absolute must-have. There is no way you will be able to bend down to tie normal shoelaces. Elasticated shoelaces turn a pair of laced shoe into slip-ons.

It is important that the laces are tied before attempting to put the shoe on. Do this sitting down with the shoe in your hand - not on your foot! If you tie them well you'll only need to do it the one time.

Since they became fashionable with children elasticated laces have been manufactured in a variety of colours - so no need to hold back if you fancy something bright and cheerful.

Trouser Clips

Trouser clips are designed to answer a specific problem. Imagine the scene: - you're sitting down, you've pulled your trousers up and now need to stand up to fasten them. The problem is, particularly if you need to use your hands to stand up, that your trousers will slip down again before you've got your balance and done them up. In turn this means you'll need to bend down to retrieve them - risking a dislocation


Enter the trouser clip. Two clips attach to the trousers and you hold the other end or pin it to any clothes you are wearing on your upper body. When you stand up, hey presto, the trousers stay in place.

The simpler solution, to my way of thinking, would be to wear trousers with an elasticated waist but I realise that's not to everyone's taste.

Your Suggestions for Great Dressing Aids

I'm keeping a look out for other handy dressing aids and am very open to suggestions. If you've found something particularly useful then please let me know so I can add it to the site to help others.

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