Hip Replacement Dressing Aids

There are all sorts of hip replacement dressing aids to make life a lot easier for you both pre- and post-op.  We'll be introducing them to you and discussing the pros and cons in a series of related pages.

Most hip replacement dressing aids are readily available and affordable but the quality does vary.  So I would recommend splashing out a bit more on the ones you're likely to use long term and get the cheaper version of the ones you'll only need for a few days or weeks.

We have a shop front on Amazon which lists recommended items at competitive prices.

On this page we'll be looking at: -

Dressing Sticks

This nifty aid helps you get dressed and undressed.


For hip patients, these are particularly useful to help you dress the lower half of your body, which would normally involve bending down and breaking the rule of 90.   They are also invaluable for people who have difficulty dressing the upper part of the body.

Dressing sticks are made to a pretty simple and standard design and consist of a combined hook and pusher.  They allow you to move and position your clothing, pulling them on or pushing them off.

As well as helping you dress they can be useful for removing socks (but you'll need a sock aid to get the socks on in the first place!)

Elastic Shoelaces


If you wear lace ups then elastic shoelaces are an absolute must-have. There is no way you will be able to bend down to tie normal shoelaces. Elasticated shoelaces are brilliant at turning a pair of laced shoe into slip-ons. Again these or all pretty similar (but do avoid the cheapest ones).  Your choice will be more about length and colour than quality.

Do remember to tie the laces before putting the shoe on. Do this sitting down with the shoe in your hand - not on your foot! If you tie them well you'll only need to do it the one time.

You will need a  to help guide you foot into the shoe

Trouser Clips

Trouser clips are designed to answer a specific problem.  Getting you into your trousers.

Imagine the scene: - you're sitting down, you've pulled your trousers up and now need to stand up to fasten them. The problem is, particularly if you need to use your hands to stand up, that your trousers will slip down again before you've got your balance and done them up. In turn this means you'll need to bend down to retrieve them - risking a dislocation


Enter the trouser clip.

Two clips attach to the trousers, one on each side, and the thrid is pinned to the clothes on your upper body.  That means when you stand up the trousers stay in place.

A simpler solution is to wear trousers with an elasticated waist but I understand that's not to everyone's taste.

Where to Buy

We recommend shopping with Amazon as we find them competitively priced and are excellent at handling returns if the item isn't exactly what you want.  We are putting together a list of items we recommend on our Amazon store front.  Amazon pays us a small (tiny!) commission for these recommendations, but we can assure you that we would never list anything that we wouldn't recommend 100% and be happy to use ourselves.

Your Suggestions for
Hip Replacement Dressing Aids

I'm keeping a look out for other handy hip replacement dressing aids and am intrigued to find out what you did and didn't find useful. I know i would have benefitted from elastic shoelaces but I didn't even know they existed at the time of my surgery.

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