Hip Replacement Complications

Talking about possible hip replacement complications can feel very scary. Trust me I understand. But before any surgery can take place you must sign a consent form saying that you understand and accept the risks involved. It is much better to consider them now then on the day itself.

Please talk to your GP or clinical team if you have any concerns.

Most people do want to know what they're letting themselves in for and acknowledge that it is our responsibility to fully understand and appreciate the risks, as well as the outstanding benefits, of this complex operation.

The most common complications include: - 

Now that probably seems like a long list. But with a good surgeon and proper care both during and after the operation you should be fine.

Follow the guidance given by your clinical team to stay safe and heal quickly.

Hip Replacement Complications
Do the benefits outweigh the risks?

After a hip replacement many people say "I got my life back". That is a statement I can really relate to. Pre-op I could barely walk, couldn't carry anything at all and was either in serious pain or spaced out on tramadol. My quality of life was very, very poor.

Post-op I am fully functioning, pain-free and very happy. To me the risks associated with this surgery were well worth taking and I'd certianly do it again. But in the end the choice is for you alone to make.

Talk with your surgeon

Please don't by shy about discussing these risks with your surgeon or other members of his team. Even if they seem incredibly busy they must take time to ensure that you understand the risks.

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