Hip Replacement Kits

Hip replacement kits are made up of the most important tools you need to help you manage your life both before and after surgery.  They help you stay safe and remain independent.

What is in the kit?

All hip replacement kits contain the same type of equipment.  That is: -

  • a leg lifter -  this allows you to safely reposition your leg, for instance in bed or in a car.  Just slip your foot into the loop end and lift and move.
  • a long-handled sponge - here you need a reasonably long handle, about 17" with a decent, durable sponge.  Many kits simply stick the cheapest sponge available onto a handle and its neither comfortable to use nor will it last.
  • a dressing hook - brilliant for helping you get dressed with a big hook to help pull up your slacks or skirts or help position your shirts so you can get your arms in. Dressing hooks often have a zip hook and some have a shoe horn incorporated
  • a shoe horn - a must have!  Bending down to put on your shoes can be really challenging and I found that using a long-handled shoe horn, along with elasticated laces (which I advise you to buy separately, worked a treat)
  • a grabber - another must have, a good one will be at least 32" long and have a rotating head and an easy-grip handle.  These are such a help with picking up things from floor or from high shelves.
  • a sock aid - another essential piece of kit.  The sock aid allows you to pull on a pair of socks without bending down.  Ideally these would be made of fabric but the problem in practice is that the sock tends to slide off. So I now recommend getting one of the plastic ones and if you find it dig into your calf when you pull it up, then velcroing on a strip of foam around the upper edge works a treat.

Hip replacement kits - the differences

In many ways, yes they are ,but the difference is in the length of some key items and in the quality of all.

Length: As someone with limited flexibility in the hip joint you are going to need help picking things up from the floor or reaching places like your feet and that extra few inches can make all the difference between you being safe and you toppling over.

Quality:  if you anticipate using the kit for the time it takes for you to recover from surgery, then the quality probably won't make a difference.  However, if you will need all or bits of the kit long-term, then I would strongly advise buying the items separately to ensure you have the right one for your needs

The same is true for a grabber.  If the grabber is too short you will be tempted to lean forward

Our Recommend Kit 

No kit is perfect but the nearest we got is this one.   The lengths of the long-handled sponge, grabber and shoe horn are all good and the sponge is the best we've seen.  It's available from Amazon.com

Make Your Own

If you are likely to be using any of the items in a kit for a long time, then you maybe better off buying the items individually.  This will give you greater choice in terms of quality and functionality and you will be able to select precisely the equipment you need. Hip replacement kits are great as far as they go but even the best one is only going to provide you with a set of the most generic items.  There is so much more out there that will help you manage to stay independent and safe.

Toileting aids, of one sort or another, are a must and furniture raisers are so helpful in getting you in and out of a chair or bed.  Of course one thing you will certainly need is a series of different walking aids

The links provided will help you understand the different types of equipment available and help you locate the products that will suit you.