Hip Replacement Products

Your safety depends on you having the right hip replacement products. They will also make life a lot easier and help speed up your recovery.

When Should I Get The Equipment

I would strongly recommend collecting all the equipment you need a few weeks before surgery. You'll find some of it useful immediately and it will give you time to practice with it before you need to depend on it. One less thing to worry about post-op.

Will The Hospital Supply The Equipment?


For patients attending private or independent hospitals the equipment should be available for you to purchase during your stay. crutches However you will probably find that it's considerably more expensive then buying it yourself - either online or from a store.

If you are being treated on the NHS then there is a very good chance you'll be lent most of the equipment you need. However it is only a loan and at some stage they will ask for it back. If you find it useful you might want to think about buying your own.

A growing number of NHS Trusts are now refusing to supply any equipment and will discharge a hip patient until they have proof that you have bought the equipment yourself

What Hip Replacement Products Do I Need?

The following list covers all the most important types of equipment. Follow the links for more detailed information on each category, for prices and for product reviews.

Consider buying a hip replacement product package. These are supplied by a number of companies. The packages provide a range of equipment from a fairly basic selection to an "everything included" one. Prices, of course, match what's in the package but should provide a saving over buying each piece separately.

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Where Can I Buy Hip Replacement Products?

For buying information on specific products please follow the links in the previous section. You'll find more detailed information there along with some reviews and comments from readers.

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