Hip Replacement Resources

This list of hip replacement resources will continue to grow as I develop the site. Please do come back and check for interesting books, videos, articles, exercise sheets and more.

Hip Replacement Resources
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"What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery" : Ronald P Grelsamer, M.D. Warner Books 2004 - An excellent, informative understandable guide to hip and knee surgery. Highly recommended.

"A Patient's Guide to Knee and Hip Replacement" Irwin Silber, Fireside 1999 - Informative and a good read, recommended.

"The Daily Telegraph Hip Replacement: What You Really Need to Know": Thomas Crump. Robinson 2004 - a bit dated and now out of print - though Amazon still had a few copies last time I looked.

Journal Articles

Leg Length Discrepancy

T O White and T W Dougall. Leg Length is Not Important; Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery-Br. 2002: 84-B: 335-9

Javad Parvizi, et al Surgical Treatment of Limb-Length Discrepancy Following Total Hip Arthroplasty; Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery; Volume 85-A - Number 12 - December 2003

Equity in access to total joint replacement of the hip and knee in England: cross sectional study, BMJ 2010;341:c4092

Modular Components

MCarthy J. C ; Bono J. V. and ; O'Donnell P. J. Custom and modular components in primary total hip replacement; New England Baptist Hospital, Boston, MA, USA Clinical orthopaedics and related research: 1997, No. 344; pp 1- 174

Timing of Hip Replacement

University of Toronto Study about timing of hip replacements (lost reference will put back in shortly!)

Exercise - Preoperative

Daniel S. Rooks et al. Effect of preoperative exercise on measures of functional status in men and women undergoing total hip and knee arthroplasty; Arthritis Care and Research: 2006; Volume 55 Issue 5, Pages 700 - 708

Gilbey et al. Exercise improves early functional recovery after total hip arthroplasty. Clin Orthop Relat Res. 2003 Mar;(408):193-200.


Pamela is interviewed by Terry Heaton of ThePoMoBlog


One of my favourite hip replacement resources is

Edheads - Virtual Hip Replacement Surgery: this is wonderful. You get to do the surgery yourself. A great explanation of how hip surgery is performed. Definitely try this one.

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