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Mind the Buffalo

by Amir

After an awful accident on his bike a friend of mine needed a hip replacement.

Because he could no longer ride his bike he was forced to public transport which is hard enough in India anyway but he was on old fashion crutches.

In India the step onto a bus is very high and I had to practically lift him on every time. We hit on the idea of carrying a small rigid foldaway chair to enable him to get on and off the buses and trains. This worked well.

Public transport here is always very crowded. It is almost impossible to get a seat so he often had to stand.

One night when the bus was travelling very fast a buffolo walked out in front of us. The driver slammed on his brakes and everyone fell forward on top of my friend.

He had to spend a week in hospital recovering from the ordeal

A year later, after lots of physiotherapy, he is fine.

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