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A study which looked at payments to doctors from five different orthopaedic device companies was recently published in the Achieves of Internal Medicine (Sept 2010). The report revealed that 41 doctors had each been paid over $1 million during 2007 - the total payment was a staggering $114 million.

The companies involved were: -

  • DePuy currently undergoing product recall
  • Stryker currently undergoing product recall
  • Zimmer currently undergoing product recall
  • Biomet
  • Smith & Nephew

Of these 41 doctors 32 went on to publish articles relating to orthopaedics the following year but only half declared that they were receiving such huge payments.

The study recommends that medical journals and other related institutions "consider new strategies to facilitate accurate and complete transparency."

To think that a doctor may be commenting on a companies products in a learned and respected scientific journal without bothering to mention that he has been paid $1 million dollers in a single year by the same company makes a mockery of any consideration of objectivity.

It is of interest to note that the first three of the companies mentioned have all had products recalled in the last few years.

Wouldn't you like to know how much your doctor was paid by the company whose prodcuts he recomments?

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