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If you feel that you've benefited from reading the information on this site then please share it with other people. My purpose in building this site was to give people free access to all the information they would need to make informed choices about hip surgery and to learn how to prepare for it, cope with it and recovery safely and quickly from it.  So it would really help if you point other people to this site. Please email anyone you know who is considering a hip replacement or has had one in the last two to three years. Let them benefit from the information on these pages.

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Adding a link takes only a minute or so to do, and your visitors will be grateful. They will learn about all aspects of hip replacement and recovery, and they will return to your site knowing they can always count on you to provide them with essential information.

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Hip Replacement and Recovery 

Learn about the different types of hip replacement surgery and how to recover quickly and safely.

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Alternatives to Hip Replacements
Not sure about a hip replacement? Then learn more about the different types of hip replacement alternatives that are currently available.

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