Site Ethics
How this site works

This site is very important to me and so are the site ethics associated with it.

I started Hip Replacement and Recovery after I'd spent literally days trawling the internet looking for information about hip replacements and alternatives. I found a lot of sites offering pretty minimal information - which was not what I wanted. I wanted a single site that took the trouble to explain, sometimes difficult ideas, in depth.

I couldn't find one so I started one myself.

At the time of writing I have been working on the site for about a year and it is time that I thought of generating some income. Without some compensation for my time and the costs involved in running the site it will fold.

Site Ethics
Advertising and Affiliate Programs

My plan is to start adding in some advertising and affiliate programs in a few weeks or months but before I do so I want to set out by site ethics.

Affiliate Programs

On a number of pages I recommend specific products for some of these I receive a small commission for others I don't. I will never suggest a product that I would not gladly buy myself.

I will not disclose which products I receive a commission on as I don't want to influence your thinking.

I, Pamela Maunsell, am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and


This will come in two forms.


Google ads always appear in easily identifiable boxes. I can not specify which ads appear but I can stop ads from individual sites and I will do this if I believe that the service or product they are promoting is not suitable for you.

Other Ads

These will be ones I put up myself and can be identified simply - they are the ones not in a Google box! These will always be about products and services I recommend.


I will always give a complete and truthful review of any product or service I test whether I receive compensation for it or not.

The site is for hip patients, by a hip patient. We are all in this together and my goal is to give you the best information whether it is about choosing a surgeon or which type of sock aid to buy.

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