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Problems and Solutions

Types of Hip Problems

Hip Osteoarthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Avascular Necrosis

Traumatic Arthritis

Hip Dysplasia

Hip Fracture

Hip Replacement Alternatives

Hip Replacement Alternatives

Hip Pain Relief

Pain Diary

Weight Loss

Glucosamine and Chondroitin

Hip Resurfacing

Femoral Osteotomy

Hip Arthroscopy

Stem Cell Treatment

Timing and Techniques

Best Time for Hip Replacement

Types of Hip Implants

Metal Hip Replacement

Ceramic Hip Replacement

Hip Replacement Fixation

The DePuy Recall

The DePuy Recall

The DePuy Lawsuit

Does the DePuy Recall Affect Me?

The Zimmer and Stryker Recalls.

Hip Replacement Approaches

Hip Replacement Approaches

The Anterior Approach

The Modified Anterolateral Approach

The Posterior Approach

Hip Replacement Surgery

Choosing a Hospital

Which Hospital (NHS)

Private Hospitals in the UK

Hip Surgery Abroad

Preparing for Surgery

Preoperative Assessment

Mentally Preparing

Help After Surgery

Hip Replacement Products

Hip Replacement Exercises

Hip Precautions

Preoperative Assessment

Your Medication List

The Physical Exam

Preoperative Medical Tests

The Occupational Therapist


General Anesthetics

Regional Anesthesia

The Day of Surgery

The National Joint Registry

Hip Replacement Complications

Hip Replacement Infection


DVT Symptoms

Hip Dislocation

Leg Length Discrepancy

Foot Drop


Preparing for Recovery

Getting Help After Surgery

Travelling By Public Transport

Post Op Exercises

Hip Replacement Products

Hip Replacement Products

Bathroom aids

Toileting aids

Furniture Raisers

Problems Sleeping

Sock aids and shoe horns

Dressing aids

Zimmer Frame, Walking Frames and Rollators

Walking Cane or Stick

Using Crutches


Celebrity Hip Replacements 

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